St Bridget 15 Prayers

First Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus Christ! Eternal Sweetness to those who love Thee, joy surpassing all joy and all desire, Salvation and Hope of all sinners, Who hast proved that Thou hast no greater desire than to be among men, even assuming human nature at the fullness of time for the love of men, recall all the sufferings Thou hast endured from the instant of Thy conception, and especially during Thy Passion, as it was decreed and ordained from all eternity in the Divine plan.

Remember, O Lord, that during the Last Supper with Thy disciples, having washed their feet, Thou gavest them Thy Most Precious Body and Blood, and while at the same time thou didst sweetly console them, Thou didst foretell them Thy coming Passion.

Remember the sadness and bitterness which Thou didst experience in Thy Soul as Thou Thyself bore witness saying: “My Soul is sorrowful even unto death.”

Remember all the fear, anguish and pain that Thou didst suffer in Thy delicate Body before the torment of the Crucifixion, when, after having prayed three times, bathed in a sweat of blood, Thou wast betrayed by Judas, Thy disciple, arrested by the people of a nation Thou hadst chosen and elevated, accused by false witnesses, unjustly judged by three judges during the flower of Thy youth and during the solemn Paschal season.

Remember that Thou wast despoiled of Thy garments and clothed in those of derision; that Thy Face and Eyes were veiled, that Thou wast buffeted, crowned with thorns, a reed placed in Thy Hands, that Thou was crushed with blows and overwhelmed with affronts and outrages.

In memory of all these pains and sufferings which Thou didst endure before Thy Passion on the Cross, grant me before my death true contrition, a sincere and entire confession, worthy satisfaction and the remission of all my sins. Amen.


Second Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus! True liberty of angels, Paradise of delights, remember the horror and sadness which Thou didst endure when Thy enemies, like furious lions, surrounded Thee, and by thousands of insults, spits, blows, lacerations and other unheard-of-cruelties, tormented Thee at will.

In consideration of these torments and insulting words, I beseech Thee, O my Saviour, to deliver me from all my enemies, visible and invisible, and to bring me, under Thy protection, to the perfection of eternal salvation. Amen.


Third Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus! Creator of Heaven and earth Whom nothing can encompass or limit, Thou Who dost enfold and hold all under Thy Loving power, remember the very bitter pain Thou didst suffer when the Jews nailed Thy Sacred Hands and Feet to the Cross by blow after blow with big blunt nails, and not finding Thee in a pitiable enough state to satisfy their rage, they enlarged Thy Wounds, and added pain to pain, and with indescribable cruelty stretched Thy Body on the Cross, pulled Thee from all sides, thus dislocating Thy Limbs.

I beg of Thee, O Jesus, by the memory of this most Loving suffering of the Cross, to grant me the grace to fear Thee and to Love Thee. Amen.


Fourth Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus! Heavenly Physician, raised aloft on the Cross to heal our wounds with Thine, remember the bruises which Thou didst suffer and the weakness of all Thy Members which were distended to such a degree that never was there pain like unto Thine. From the crown of Thy Head to the Soles of Thy Feet there was not one spot on Thy Body that was not in torment, and yet, forgetting all Thy sufferings, Thou didst not cease to pray to Thy Heavenly Father for Thy enemies, saying: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Through this great Mercy, and in memory of this suffering, grant that the remembrance of Thy Most Bitter Passion may effect in me a perfect contrition and the remission of all my sins. Amen.


Fifth Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus! Mirror of eternal splendour! Remember the sadness which Thou experienced when, contemplating in the light of Thy Divinity the predestination of those who would be saved by the merits of Thy Sacred Passion, Thou didst see at the same time, the great multitude of reprobates who would be damned for their sins, and Thou didst complain bitterly of those hopeless lost and unfortunate sinners.

Through this abyss of compassion and pity, and especially through the goodness which Thou displayed to the good thief when Thou saidst to him: “This day, thou shalt be with Me in Paradise.” I beg of Thee, O Sweet Jesus, that at the hour of my death, Thou wilt show me mercy. Amen.


Sixth Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus! Beloved and most desirable King, remember the grief Thou didst suffer, when naked and like a common criminal, Thou was fastened and raised on the Cross, when all Thy relatives and friends abandoned Thee, except Thy Beloved Mother, who remained close to Thee during Thy agony and whom Thou didst entrust to Thy faithful disciple when Thou saidst to Mary: “Woman, behold thy son!” and to St. John: “Son, behold thy Mother!”

I beg of Thee O my Saviour, by the sword of sorrow which pierced the soul of Thy holy Mother, to have compassion on me in all my afflictions and tribulations, both corporal and spiritual, and to assist me in all my trials, and especially at the hour of my death. Amen.


Seventh Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus! Inexhaustible Fountain of compassion, Who by a profound gesture of Love, said from the Cross: “I thirst!” suffered from the thirst for the salvation of the human race.

I beg of Thee O my Saviour, to inflame in my heart the desire to tend toward perfection in all my acts; and to extinguish in me the concupiscence of the flesh and the ardor of worldly desires. Amen.


Eighth Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus! Sweetness of hearts, delight of the spirit, by the bitterness of the vinegar and gall which Thou didst taste on the Cross for Love of us, grant me the grace to receive worthily Thy Precious Body and Blood during my life and at the hour of my death, that they may serve as a remedy and consolation for my soul. Amen.


Ninth Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus! Royal virtue, joy of the mind, recall the pain Thou didst endure when, plunged in an ocean of bitterness at the approach of death, insulted, outraged by the Jews, Thou didst cry out in a loud voice that Thou was abandoned by Thy Father, saying: “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” 

Through this anguish, I beg of Thee, O my Saviour, not to abandon me in the terrors and pains of my death. Amen.


Tenth Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus! Who art the beginning and end of all things, life and virtue, remember that for my sake Thou was plunged in an abyss of suffering from the soles of Thy Feet to the crown of Thy Head.

In consideration of the enormity of Thy Wounds, teach me to keep, through pure love, Thy Commandments, whose way is wide and easy for those who love Thee. Amen.


Eleventh Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus! Deep abyss of mercy, I beg of Thee, in memory of Thy Wounds which penetrated to the very marrow of Thy Bones and to the depth of Thy being, to draw me, a miserable sinner, overwhelmed by my offences, away from sin and to hide me from Thy Face justly irritated against me. Hide me in Thy wounds until Thy anger and just indignation shall have passed away. Amen.


Twelfth Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus! Mirror of Truth, symbol of unity, link of charity, remember the multitude of wounds with which Thou wast covered from Head to Foot, torn and reddened by the spilling of Thy adorable Blood. O Great and Universal Pain, which Thou didst suffer in Thy virginal Flesh for love of us!

Sweetest Jesus! What is there that Thou couldst have done for us which Thou has not done! 

May the fruit of Thy Sufferings be renewed in my soul by the faithful remembrance of Thy Passion, and may Thy Love increase in my heart each day, until I see Thee in eternity. Thou Who art the treasure of every real good and every joy, which I beg Thee to grant me, O Sweetest Jesus, in Heaven. Amen.


Thirteenth Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus! Strong Lion, Immortal and Invincible King! Remember the pain which Thou didst endure! When all Thy strength, both moral and physical, was entirely exhausted, Thou didst bow Thy Head, saying: “It is consummated!”

Through this anguish and grief, I beg of Thee Lord Jesus, to have mercy on me at the hour of my death when my mind will be greatly troubled and my soul will be in anguish. Amen.


Fourteenth Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus! Only Son of the Father, Splendour and Figure of His Substance, remember the simple and humble recommendation Thou didst make of Thy Soul to Thy Eternal Father, saying: “Father, into Thy Hands I commend My Spirit!” And with Thy Body all torn, and Thy Heart Broken, and the bowels of Thy Mercy open to redeem us, Thou didst Expire.

By this Precious Death, I beg of Thee O King of Saints, comfort me and help me to resist the devil, the flesh and the world, so that being dead to the world I may live for Thee alone. I beg of Thee at the hour of my death to receive me, a pilgrim and an exile returning to Thee. Amen.


Fifteenth Prayer

Our Father … Hail Mary … O Jesus! True and fruitful Vine! Remember the abundant outpouring of Blood which Thou didst so generously shed from Thy Sacred Body as juice from grapes in a wine press.

From Thy Side, pierced with a lance by a soldier, blood and water issued forth until there was not left in Thy Body a single drop; and finally, like a bundle of myrrh lifted to the top of the Cross, Thy delicate Flesh was destroyed, the very Substance of Thy Body withered, and the Marrow of Thy Bones dried up. 

Through this bitter Passion and through the outpouring of Thy Precious Blood, I beg of Thee, O Sweet Jesus, to receive my soul when I am in my death agony. Amen.


Closing Prayer

O Sweet Jesus! Pierce my heart so that my tears of penitence and love will be my bread day and night. May I be converted entirely to Thee, may my heart be Thy perpetual habitation, may my conversation be pleasing to Thee, and may the end of my life be so praiseworthy that I may merit Heaven and there with Thy saints, praise Thee forever. Amen.


Some Forum Comments:

Comments from:

Michele on April 14, 2015 at 4:48 pm said: I’ve been praying them for 3.5 years. Both the 15 prayers and the 7 prayers along with my rosary I have not missed even one day. However when I found them I was praying to Jesus to save my kids. I was terrified for their souls at the time. He led me to these miraculously. It was a very strange and divine intervention that brought me to them. That is why I have so much faith in the promises. I truly believe that He answered my prayers with these promises. I know in my heart that Jesus was guiding me and giving me peace. I recommend them to everyone. I trust in the promises too.

Barry R. Smith Sr. on November 11, 2013 at 11:28 pm said: I prayed the 15 St. Bridget prayers for 5 years — I loved the prayers and promises. 3 1/2 years ago I dropped dead of a cardiac arrest. I was brought back to life with CPR and a defibrillator on the scene. In the hospital the doctor used the exact phase “you died a sudden death” very similar to promise “14. I shall preserve him from a sudden death.” Shortly after the whole incident a friend showed me the 7 prayers to be prayed over 12 years. I have done 3+ years toward the 12 years — I am a believer in the prayers and promises! By the way, I remembered the promise 2 weeks after I had been released from the hospital while I was saying my rosary. I get goose bumps everytime I think of it.

Mike on May 11, 2015 at 3:35 am said: I know there are questions about the promises with the 15 prayers from St. Bridget. I prayed them for a year and but had missed occasionally. Did not think about the part where you are supposed to make them up during the year. Kept praying them but wondered if Jesus was going grant my prayer. One day He answered me by appearing and revealing to me a blow to the back of his head. Since that was what St. Bridget prayed for, He answered my prayers. He also answered the needs I had been concerned about. As you read the various devotions, don’t they always seem amazing? Still, God always seems to promise salvation and that those who cooperate with his grace by saying the prayers will have their prayers positively answered – as long as what you ask does not oppose God’s will. Even there, we have to expect a little rain, pain and suffering. We have an opportunity of salvation in a place of penance. God Bless!

Kim on July 17, 2014 at 10:03 am said: My mom said these prayers. She died last summer. She had 8 days from diagnosis (of severe aggressive leukaemia) till the day she died. I asked if she knew she was going to die. She said she knew for about 2 months. In that time she visited everyone she wanted to visit and made plans for her burial and will. She was definitely made aware she was going to die.

Dawna De Corby on March 6, 2015 at 6:56 pm said: I completed the 15 prayers of St. Bridget for 1 year in 1992, and I have no doubt that the promises are real. It is true of all things of Our Lord, …. we do one thing for Him and He in return repays us 100 fold with the 21 promises. I have written a book called “Here I Am” Encounters with a Triune God explaining how these prayers have given me the Almighty’s protection in times of distress and broadened my relationship with Our Lord. I also had the opportunity to discuss this devotion with Blessed John Paul II when he was Pope and I gathered that he likewise believed that the 21 promises were valid and that the devotion should be spread. Congratulations to all of you endeavouring to complete this devotion, and those who have already have and continue in prayer for there is a blessing to those who promote this devotion.

If you are interested in other good devotions, may I recommend the 3 year devotional prayers honouring the drops of blood shed by the Lord in his passion. I found both of these devotions in the Pieta Prayer Booklet that my father gave me and I have completed the 3 year devotion 6 fold over my life. There are promises attached to it as well and I have said them for the redemption of my family members who have lapsed from the faith.

My spirit is stirred that so many others have taken to St. Bridget’s devotional prayers. God Bless!

[ Dawna’s Amazon page: ]

Mary on March 31, 2015 at 4:37 pm said: I just found this blog while researching possible source citations for Pope Clement XII and the Propaganda Fide’s approval of the promises attached to the 12 year prayers. While I have not yet found a proper citation, my personal experience convinces me that the promises are authentic. I am 2 months away from completing the 12 years, and I have never missed a day, except for twice when I was out with a high fever. From the start, I asked my guardian angel to never let me forget to say these prayers at night. This was no small request, since by nature I am extremely absent-minded. I simply could not have done it on my own! As my purpose in starting these prayers was to obtain the promises attached to them, I trust that my guardian angel would not have helped me persevere all these years unless they were valid.

Bogdan on May 23, 2015 at 3:57 pm said: I have begun praying them on 25 may 2003 on Padre Pio birthday and will finish them tomorrow 24 may 2015. I cannot say enough about how many benefits I have experienced in these 12 years span !! I now see clearly that had I not prayed them I should not have been able to see so many things so clearly and in truth, but in the light of the faked reality and should have made very wrong decisions with myself. I have been provided with so many spiritual and material benefits that 12 years ago i did not even dare dreaming of it! Apart from a very good career and very good finances, my father and I have won the battle with cancer , and so many other things!

All I can say is completely trust the power of these prayers that lies within Jesus character Which is the embodiment of honesty and goodness and Who always keeps His promises- including these prayers!

Keep on saying them and after 12 years span you will perceive as you have finished them in no time.

Guy Gruters on July 11, 2015 at 8:18 am said: I prayed the 15 prayers (one year) more than 12 times (to answer the question above that is 15 prayers each day for a year to obtain the promises) Result? All my children are firm Catholics (8 of them from 28 to 51 years old. My faith is stronger than I could ever have hoped for, working hard on continuous prayer in the Kingdom within, getting complete rid of self and all worldly desires for constant smiling, silence (but trying to be a perfect listener) and complete peace all the time. And miracle of miracles, He led me to the 12 year prayers of St. Bridgett, which I am now saying along with my wife. I use the Facebook version on my iPad when possible or when not, the booklet from Dupage Marian Center in Illinois. What a blessing! Use your head when these non-believers in the Vatican (i.e., no problem, “we don’t have to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart.” They are right, we don’t have to unless we would like to avoid WW III. Because of their refusal to obey God’s Mother, backed with an incredible miracle, we had WW II. Are we to now have WW III because of their obstinacy? The 12 year prayers are such an incredible gift, it is unbelievable. And listen to the message above that the promises are not just for yourself in not having to go to Purgatory (which hardly anyone avoids according to the Saints) but also your children and descendants through the 4th generation all will get to Heaven. For your sake and the sake of your descendants, don’t listen to “those of little faith,” but make the 12 year prayers as well as the one year prayers. You will personally see their truth as the POPES said, not some arrogant non-believers in the Vatican (Remember, they can’t even get Fatima right – we had WW II because of their refusal to put Mary in the position God wants her in (After all, She is the perfect daughter of God the Father, perfect Mother of God the Son, and perfect Spouse of God the Holy Spirit.)

Lucio Diaz Jr. on July 30, 2015 at 8:47 pm said: Hello Fr Finelli I have done the prayers and have had private revelations with Jesus which told me the prayers are authentic and all the promises are true. He has told me he was pleased that I did them. He grants all the promises of the 15 prayers and the 7 prayers for 12 years. I have earned them by doing them. But we still got to go and receive the eucharist and keep living in sanctity. I keep living my catholic faith. My father did them too and he also had something happen to him. I am very glad I did them.

Joycey on October 15, 2015 at 1:17 am said: Praying the 15 prayers or the 7 prayers of St. Bridget will deepen spiritually and bring one closer to God even without accepting the promises.

Geraldine Andersen on October 19, 2015 at 9:34 pm said: I found these beautiful prayers by St. Bridget about 1 month ago and started saying both the 15 and the 7 prayers. I initially was very happy to say the least by the promises related to these prayers for myself and my family. They are beautiful and I can see such a change in all my devotions and prayer life that I don’t particularly care that some group in 1966 found the promises not to be true. I also agree with the man who said that if several popes approved of them who is to say that the popes of this time say that they are not. I will always pray them for their beauty and honour to God regardless. Who is to say that the Pope 10-15 years from now will say that everything that we believed to be true about our religion is not valid now!

Mary Ann Kerkvliet on November 19, 2015 at 10:29 pm said: I read recently that in 1968 Pope Paul VI suppressed indulgences found in old prayer books and approved a new Enchiridion of Indulgences listing 70 indulgenced works, prayers or devotions. What does this say to those of us who still pray some of the indulgenced prayers from old prayer books?

Kathy on December 26, 2015 at 11:17 pm said: I mentioned these prayers to my Bible sisters and hope they are praying them. I will bring them up again at our next meeting. I will also tell them of this wonderful website to inspire them to pray them. There were some who said twelve years was not doable. I said just add them to your daily prayers-they only take 10 minutes. One day at a time. They are now part of my prayer life. I believe they are authentic but as others have said: they are at a minimum beautiful meditations. Thank you St Bridgett and please pray for us and our families. Praise to Our Lord and all he has merited for us.

Mary on March 21, 2016 at 2:43 am said: even so there are promises for making the way of the cross that we can be assured of. St Bridget’s prayers are very similar to the stations of the cross. I was attracted to the St Bridget prayers, however, because specifically the promises were so outrageous! (I prayed them some time ago when my children were little. I was unaware of the 7 prayers) The natives have prayers said for the next 7 generations using the ‘old ways’. And if natives can pray for the preservation of the souls of their loved ones that far ahead we catholics are limiting the power of God’s mercy and love for us. By all means I trust that God indeed will help out the next 4 generations! He loves them more than we do! “Who is my mother? Who are my brothers and sisters?” Sometimes whenever I meet a person hunched over with spinal problems I see my great uncle Martin. No one will stop me from including that person in my prayers as if they were members of my family! Also when it comes to those promises the bible verse about the sheep recognising their master’s voice comes to mind. We can barely discern the difference between the good and the bad? Would the devil want us to say these prayers? It’s not the Devil’s voice we hear when we read those promises. It’s our dear sweet Lord still crazy in love with us. How many more graces then do we get when we attend mass or recite fervently the rosary? I’m thinking: so much more than this! Yet the Lord wants to steep us in prayer…look at the distractions of the world so close at hand!

Geraldine Andersen on April 19, 2016 at 9:35 am said: I have been praying these 15 prayers and the 12 year prayers plus our Lady of Sorrows faithfully for 7 months now nightly. At first I said them because of the promises, than after reading that some of the promises are repudiated it didn’t matter that much anymore. I absolutely fell in love with them. My question is that several times I wrote in about St. Gertrude the Greats’ prayers that they are almost identical to St. Bridget’s and that there is a little more than 100 years between their lifetime. Jesus supposedly gave these prayers to St. Gertrude and Our Lady gave her 7 Sorrows prayers to St. Bridget with her own promises to those who say them just like the Rosary. What happens if Pope Francis now says that they all are untrue. How can one Pope annul what another Pope okayed hundreds of years ago.I truly hope that someone will answer this.

===> In reply to Geraldine: Joan on July 16, 2016 at 6:35 pm said: Geraldine, I don’t believe a Pope can annul what another Pope has said but it seems that the previous Pope’s have said that these prayers are worth saying and beneficial but don’t make a comment on whether or not the promises are true. I believe if you say them, only good can come from it and a person with the dedication to them is certainly not a person who is leading an evil life and saying the prayers as a magic “get out of Purgatory card.” The Divine Mercy Chaplet and Novena as revealed to St. Faustina as well as those revelations to St. Margaret Mary about the Sacred Heart which include the nine First Fridays and 5 First Saturdays are also similar in content. One way or another Our Lord Jesus wants us to believe in His Mercy and all these devotions help our faith. Our Lord will be merciful to those who are devoted to these prayers and devotions I am sure.





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